Jump off the ledge

You would be so happy

Jump off that ledge

There’s no need to be soppy

What is life?

But an endless trail of sadness

Join me and end it’s likeness

I am happy here I………promise

Come join me in my solace

My God never fails

My God never fails

Even when life makes you wail

And the endless tears make you frail

For your sorrows He was nailed

That in your joy you may hail

And sing praises to His Holy Name.


I looked into your eyes as you lied

I beheld your smile as you tried

To clear the guilt from your face last night

There’s no need for pretense

It only makes things more tense

When I know you brought me to this mess

You were meant to protect

And yet you aimed to subject me to torment

How flawless your game was

Until you realized that I was

Not who you thought me to be.

The False Hope

When the pain won’t cease,when the tears won’t dry out

And the allure of darkness is irresistible .

How can you escape? Like a gazelle you leap and yet the traps are high as the sky.

So the dark angel calls out to you

Like a lover it enchants you, like a friend it comforts you

Saying ” It will all be over soon, embrace me and end your suffering. Love me and drink from my cup.”

But the cup of death has no man drank to tell the tale, of the horrors that awaits though veiled, from the eyes of the living.

And yet you grasp for hope

That you and death could elope

To a place beyond sorrow’s scope.


In the  quietness

where my heartbeat seems too loud. Where my mind speaks its mind. Where my soul goes numb. I have heard it a thousand times, when the silence sounds like a thousand chimes. And the deafening sound of the air passing through my lungs…. horrifies me. Peace has fled and with it my joy too. Comfort is scared to approach my cocoon; spun from my finger tips and the lies of friends.

In the quietness

Where my breath seems too loud. Where my voice has no voice and my spirit gives up it’s fight. I have lived it a thousand times, when living feels like death by a thousand cuts. And the deafening sound of my cries…horrifies me. Strength has fled and with it, my will to live. Sanity is dead, as well as my desire to forgive, all the pain, seeping through my veins, like poison awaiting my remains.

In the quietness

Where a voice so small becomes so loud. Where a beckoning becomes a call. Where His heart seeks my heart. Where my soul breathes a new and my spirit follows His cue. I have prayed it a thousand times but His will sought the perfect time. When the deafening sound was His voice, glorifying Himself in me. Love has returned and with it peace, joy, comfort, strength, wisdom and life too! Bled from the sides of Jesus Christ when His finished work became my life. When He made His righteousness mine and prepared a place for me at my Father’s side.


Charlotte Q.

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! It’s always been a dream to start my blog but for some funny reason i’ve been postponing it. lol like what most of us do with certain things in our lives so don’t go judging me (hehe). Anyway those who read my previous blog can guess what i’m mainly about here, and for those who can’t guess (lol) i’m a poet and my writings are mainly about my experiences and how Jesus Christ is continually working to perfect my life. I also share other peoples experiences but all within my poetry and i hope you enjoy it! Anyway so this is me….I’m Charlotte Q and its nice to meet you all.12370670_10201255147457189_2694824449965364202_o

I hope you like my subsequent blogs which will be coming soon, please like and comment if you like what i write about or if you find anything interesting. let me know what you think! Anyway it’s been a blast, enjoy your week and have a blessed day!


Striving for perfection in a place of imperfection. Trying to disperse the cloud of mortality that hung over our heads. Yet are we not gods? Losing our birthright to the folly of disobedience, we continually stumble on the stones of sin. Making excuses letting others take the rap. Losing our sensitivity and sight to the world.

Open your eyes, open your ears, feel your spirit tell you what you are. Feel it wither with starvation.

Why do you stand behind walls of death for protection? Why do you call out to mortality for eternity? Looking to the condemned for redemption. Looking to broken, withered and tormented beings doomed to the inferno for eternity to provide comfort.

Stop ridiculing yourselves, stop shaming yourselves and be the Heirs that you are.

Our Narrative

They came at night,

They told their stories in flight,

They risked it all to tell their plight.

We did not know from whence they came

And yet the truth in our stories were the same


The human spirit is resilient in its attempt to hold on to the notion of love and the people that come in the name of it.

No matter the bitter, ugly words spewed or thrown our spirit stays steadfast hoping for better and sweeter tides.

Our memories hold on to what once was, preventing us from gazing upon what is, and it’s harsh realities.

The Strong Woman

I look out the window, with nothing left but the detail that you sold my heart out like retail.

Broken down by the words of your mouth, I blugeoned my spirit, thinking of wasted youth.

Refusing to be a token, refusing to be broken by the shards of lies that gave me midnight cries.

But I am what I am, a reflection of what life’s done. A hard but soft spoken woman, intimidated by a society that thinks I’m less than human.

For speaking of the abuse, for knowing I’m of more use than what they think I should be, than what they believed I could be.

If not for the Good News, I would’ve been broken down by their views, that I belong behind the pews.

With nothing to look at, nothing to behold but the disappointment in my soul.

Hey Guys!

Happy Sunday! It’s been a while since I posted anything. Had to go on a break to sort out some personal stuff. I miss you guys and I hope you’re ready for more of my poetic pieces! I also can’t wait to be up to speed with the awesome stuff you guys have shared on your blog posts whiles I was away and oh! I chopped off all my hair😁🙈. Chao for now and expect something interesting soon😎👌🏾


I have no use for tears in this dark place;

My eyes made dry by years of unending tears.

I have no use for words in this empty place;

My mouth sown shut by fear and anxiety.

Why do we live if we’re meant to die?

Why do we love if we’re meant to hurt?

Some say it’s a penance for our sins

Others say it’s a curse spewed since

That’s why we yearn for the forbidden

That’s why we doubt we’ve been forgiven